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Office Feng Shui: Organizing Your Work Space

Office Feng Shui: Organizing Your Work Space

Practicing Feng Shui is usually a great way to keep a cheerful balance in your office space. The key parts of water, fire, wood, and earth will help you find a calm balance and lead to more energy and productivity.

In as we speak's fifth and ultimate installment in our five part series on Feng Shui suggestions in your house office space, this week we're talking about organizing your work space.

Part 5 - Organizing Your Work House

Declutter Your Desk

To reduce the amount of clutter and scattered piles of papers on your desk, look for desk accessories that suit your needs. Wire baskets, trays, pen holders, and small containers can be used on and in your desk to keep provides in order. Use sustainable products like bamboo and avoid anything that's not good for the atmosphere, comparable to plastics, acrylic, and disposable items.

Use Bookcabinets

If you discuss with manuals or books throughout your work day, put these on a bookshelf for straightforward access. When organizing the shelves, put your smaller books on the inside and taller books on the outside. This system looks more pleasing to the eye and will keep your books more upright.

Not using the book shelves solely for books? That is OK however keep it organized and tidy. Assessment each six months the contents of the cabinets and remove those items that are no longer relevant. When "removing" said items, consider selling the item on Craigslist, recycling or posting the item on Freecycle.

Have a Filing System

If you do not have one already, consider buying (again, Craigslist and Freecycle) a filing cabinet and some eco-friendly file folders. There is no higher way to keep track of your paperwork and when you use plenty of specifically labeled folders, you will find anything you want quickly.

If you wish to take it a step additional, go paperless and scan everything into Evernote and/or Google Drive.

Control Your Cables

Your work desk is most likely covered in cables, particularly in case you have a desktop computer. Messy cables might be anxious, so make certain you find a way to keep these collectively and organized. There are lots of options available, from twisty ties to more costly clip packs.

Tip: Save those bread twist ties and re-purpose them. Also, old-fashioned curly phone cords work wonders. Look in your "junk drawers".. you probably have one in there. Always make sure you're using a surge protector for the sake of safety and equipment longevity.

Tip: At the end of the workday, shut down everything and unplug the surge protector from the wall. They add up to as much as 30% of your electricity bill.

You're Not a Library

Unless you might be using them, old manuals, guides, and magazines can quickly change into an out of control mess. If you wish to hold on to these for some reason, attempt to hide them out of sight but in an organized manner. Using baskets or cabinets could be quite effective. Again, invest a while in getting organized and scan the smaller items into Evernote and/or Google Drive.

Keep away from Meals in Your Office

If it's worthwhile to have a snack or a meal in your office, make positive that you clean it up as quickly as possible. As a general rule though, for those who're working from dwelling it is greatest to eat in your kitchen. Meals creates litter and garbage, each of which you don't need in your work space.

Kind Mail Immediately

Once you retrieve your each day mail, make certain that you are sorting it earlier than you enter your office. Keep the recycling bin en route from the mail box to your office. Make sure that you simply leave personal mail elsewhere, and take only business mail into your office. Have a designated spot for it and attempt to sort through it no less than as soon as a week, however everyday is far better. Recycle or file items you not need.

End Each Day with a Clean Up

It's necessary that you just tidy your desk at the end of on daily basis, and it's best to try and make it a part of your each day work routine. This way, you will be able to start daily with an organized office and be ready for what the day could bring. This means that every morning will start calm and relaxed, slightly than stressed out from walking into a messy room. If you can't do everyday, make sure that it's accomplished on Friday afternoons. This contains your to lists, picking up, organizing, and vacuuming. Personally, I do the bulk of this on Thursdays, since Fridays are trash day.

Make Lists

The act of making a to-do list might help to declutter your mind and keep you organized. It's important to keep track of what needs to be done in a day and lists can stop you from instantly feeling overwhelmed or having a panic attack. If you want to, make a new list after lunch, or at the end of the afternoon, for the tasks of the next morning. Attempt using Asana or Evernote.

Create a "Work Only" Zone

After all of the hard work you have performed to create a muddle-free area, full of good energy and Chi, the last thing you need is for clutter to take over and destroy it all. To avoid this, don't use your work space for anything but work. Your home office has been designed for the purpose of work, so no one should be enjoying on your computer or leaving a mess within the room.

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